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Fleece & Fun


Interested in buying some superior alpaca fleece?… or fleece dyed naturally with local plants?… or
home spun wool?… or even home grown home dyed
home spun home crafted products :-) :-)?


Here at Loop Head Alpacas we have a nice colour variation of fleeces from our animals every year. These lads need to be sheared annually as the summers can be too hot for them and they could die from heat stroke. So they are quite happy to be relieved of their coat and we are delighted to use it! We leave their heads and tails unshorn for protection against the elements.

Alpaca is a natural fibre with a silky, luxurious feel; it is just as warm and soft as cashmere, but even more durable. Alpaca fibers are hollow with an insulating core that makes them both warm and breathable. Alpaca fleece contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic and therefore especially suitable for young babies and those with skin issues. Alpaca and all other natural fibre is best for the environment being biodegradable and sustainable. Synthetic materials which are by-products of petroleum are non-biodegradable, take a long time to decompose, creating long-term pollution. :-( :-(


One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

— Leo Tolstoy


Calm your body…
Calm your mind..


Loop Head Alpacas is situated just out on the Loop Head peninsula, nestled in between the Wild Atlantic Cliffs outside Kilkee and the Shannon Estuary. We have just a small farm currently with our small herd of alpacas and our four friendly horses, 2 dogs and cat. This is a beautiful area full of unspoilt nature with lots to do, so it is very easy to fill your day each side of your alpaca visit. Beaches, dolphins, walking and bike trials, restaurants, pubs, music, cafés, yoga, the list goes on … Loop Head locals, hoteliers, B&B, camping sites all give visitors a very warm welcome… come on over and see, you will not be disappointed!

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